When selecting a videographer for your video production project, quality and experience matter.  Here is a small sampling of videos produced by Cre8ive Production.  The sampler showcases a broad range of techniques that we use, while highlighting the many kinds of videos we produce, like commercials, website video, product launch videos, event videos and more.  Keep in mind that camera angles, zoom in or out, scene transitions, special effects and the use of backgrounds and music are all dependent upon the skill and experience of the videographer as you view these samples. 

Stony Brook Heart Center
Stony Brook Heart Center [WATCH VIDEO]
Moloney Funeral Home commercial
Moloney Funeral Home commercial [WATCH VIDEO]
Dee Sniders Ride
Long Island Bikers for Babies Ride promo [WATCH VIDEO]
Cre8ive demo reel
Cre8ive demo reel [WATCH VIDEO]
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