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Welcome to Cre8ive Productions

Welcome to Cre8ive Production, Creative Motion Pictures Inc.

Cre8ive Productions is not your run of the mill production company, yes we do video production, but we do so much more!

We are a full service video production and staging company.

We can produce video recordings for virtually any use, including:

  • Videos for websites
  • TV Commercials
  • Exercise & Fitness Training Videos
  • Video Webinars
  • Marketing Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Presentation Videos
  • Academic and Educational Videos
  • Corporate Training Videos
  • Product Launch Videos
  • Tradeshow Videos
  • Internal Company Communications
  • Company Intranet Videos
  • Customer Testimonial Videos
  • Fundraising videos

With over 20 years in the business doing video production, live sound, event staging, lighting, web sites and duplications, other video production companies on Long Island can't compete with our expertise.  Owning a video camera doesn't make you a videographer.  Experience does.

We can create your video production in a studio location or go to your location or event location.  We can film in front of a green screen and edit in the background.  We are Long Island's most professional video production group, and we have what it takes to make your project or presentation a success!


Choosing a professional vs doing it internally?

If You're Considering a Do It Yourself Video
The ready availability of video equipment makes people believe that they can make their own professional-quality videos less expensively than working with a professional, but there are a number of factors they don't take into consideration:
  1. A cell phone or mass-market camera cannot compete with the quality images of professional equipment.
  2. A recording device is not the only equipment needed to create a quality video.
  3. Having equipment and having experience using it are not the same thing.
  4. Purchasing quality equipment to use for one or a few videos will not give you a good return on your investment in the equipment.
  5. Learning to use the equipment properly may require a large investment of your time and still won't produce the same quality as someone with experience.
  6. A poor quality video might actually hurt your sales or other objective, rather than helping it.

So, is it really less expensive, or just cheap?

Special events

Putting together a special event involves a lot of work, yet once it's over, it may be quickly forgotten.  When Cre8ive Production is on the scene, creating a video of your event, you get a lot more mileage out of your special event.  Whether your intent is to record the event for the memories or use all or part of the footage in marketing videos, there's no reason to let it all slip away when you can have our creative production team capturing the highlights of your event.  Our video production services can help you make the most out of:

  • Sales rallies
  • Product launches
  • Educational seminars
  • Trade expos
  • Fashion shows
  • Corporate events
  • Award ceremonies
  • Fundraising events
  • Conventions

Everyone wants to create a viral video.  We can't guarantee that every video we create will go viral, but you can be pretty sure that the chances of creating a viral video go up with the quality of the video clip.  Don't try to go it alone.  Go with the best video production company on Long Island.  Call Cre8ive Production today!