Video Services

Video Production Services

As a client-oriented video production company, we provide content of the highest quality with the best production value for your budget.  Whether it's web video production, broadcast TV commercials, corporate training, corporate branding, not-for profit fundraising or infomercials we'll bring you the best in HD video productions. We are committed to providing you with the best service by creating videos that your audience can actually feel. Every video has a story, and every story needs to be communicated clearly and effectively. We understand the importance of real relationships, and that’s why we bend over backwards to find the heart of your story and help you create real connections with your audience.  Much more goes into video production than just showing up with a camera and some lights.

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Pre-Production Planning

Our pre-production process involves a great deal of planning and scripting to make sure that the footage we shoot will ultimately meet the goal of your video production.  We work closely with our clients to understand the goal of the video, the tone that's desired and the content that needs to be conveyed.  Visual appeal, emotion and information all play important roles in creating the perfect video, and we take them all into consideration from the earliest stages of your video production process.


The Video Production Process

Once the planning and scripting for your video is complete, we are ready to begin recording.  The setting for your video can be as important as any other aspect.  We pay attention to extraneous sounds that might interfere with the quality of sound on your video, like air conditioning, road sounds and more.  While an outdoor shoot might be visually appealing, having the sun in your eyes, the wind in your hair, or just the sound of the wind in the microphone can take away from the professional quality of your completed video, so based on our 20 years experience with video, we'll recommend the best location for your particular video.

Lighting is another major factor in the production of quality video.  Adequate lighting is key, but the angle of the light can leave you with shadows that mar even the most beautiful face.  Our professional lighting crew and equipment help us to optimize the lighting so your video will be easy to see and beautifully presented.

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Perfection is Achieved in Post Production

Once the recording is complete, the magic of post production begins.  We edit the video to eliminate repetitive, unappealing or unwanted footage, add background music from our huge catalog of selections and add special effects.  The final cut can be very different from the raw footage for a video.  Think about the effects you see on TV or the movie screen.  We can bring that Hollywood polish to your video production right here on Long Island, and you won't have to take a second mortgage to do it!  When you work with Cre8ive Production, you can expect nothing short of the best.


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Cre8ive Video is now affiliated with Duplication Depot for your duplication and transfer needs. 

DVD, CD, Blu-ray duplications or transfers of older formats like VHS, super 8, Hi8  and film transfers of 16mm 8mm super 8mm film.
let us transfer all your old footage to DVD or digital formats.